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The Memory Makers - Giving Families Memories To Treasure Forever!

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network is a charity organisation which is a network of hotels, accommodation providers, tourist attractions and businesses who are all committed to helping give away free fun filled holidays, to families who have seriously ill children, families who are recently bereaved - having lost a child or parent and to families who have a terminally ill parent.

Please note that holidays are only awarded by referral via NHS medical professionals, Social workers or registered charity support workers.



Luke's 100 Mile Run For THHN!


April Newsletter



A word from our founder Luke Tillen:

Never ever give up.....keep plugging away.......keep chipping away......if someone says no, ask another......don't be deterred from your goal, your vision, your dream. Perseverance and positive mindset will always pay off, no matter how long it takes never give up, if you keep moving forwards at any level of pace you will fulfil your goal.

These are words that I hope you will find as inspiring as I do - they drive me forward!

I have very kindly been given a platform to tell you my story, of how 4 years ago when watching a television programme I had a cold and stark realisation of just how lucky I was, how great my life was and that I was in a position to be able to help others! This in tow triggered a monster of enthusiasm to give something back and encourage as many others as possible to do the same. The end result - a national charity was born through an army of people wanting to give something back to those who need it.

In 2009 I founded Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN), which gives free fun filled holidays to families who have a seriously ill child, families who are bereaved - having lost a child or parent and to families who have a terminally ill parent.
The concept of the charity is simple - businesses offer free holidays and services to the families that we help, we now have over 120 doing this already and we are always looking for more!

Families are referred to us by a list of over 200 referring charities, hospices, hospitals and organisations from across the UK. We can provide grants to cover families travelling expenses to reach their free holiday destination, as many families will be living on single or zero income due to a parent or parents having to care for a sick child or partner fulltime. 

When on a THHN holiday, families can gain free access into over 30 local tourist attractions and receive free meals out in lots of restaurants, beauty treatments, cinema & theatre tickets and access a huge host of other services including flying lessons all free of charge. Families who stay on self-catering holidays will have their kitchens filled with a large amount of donated food hampers from catering suppliers.

Since the charity gave away its first free holiday in 2009 at my hotel in Babbacombe, we have helped over 380 families to have free action packed holidays in the south west, across the UK and even in France. Giving these families a positive distraction from the nightmares that they are living and sadly call reality, and giving them chance to build very special memories that they will treasure forever, because sadly for many it has been their last holiday as a complete family before losing a beloved member to a cruel illness.

My vision for the future of the charity is an incredibly ambitious project, that I need your help with. Unfortunately, although we have helped over 380 families - a number that is rising weekly, there have been many families who we cannot accommodate due to their high level medical needs. Understandably so, none of our current accommodation providers have the level of facilities required to accommodate such needs of a family looking to take a final holiday with a family member who requires electric beds, hoists, wet rooms and fully adapted accommodation and more. 

To fulfil this goal we need to raise very close to a million pounds, I want this project to be something that Torbay can be proud of and I need your support. If you feel you can help fundraise or offer professional support or expertise in any area of this project I would love to hear from you. I really hope this is something that many of you will want to be part of and help make our revolution of giving back continue to grow.

Luke Tillen
Founder & Chairman



News & Stories

  • Nash Family Feedback
    Our youngest son Toby (aged 8) has had 3 scheduled open heart operations to treat his condition (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) and 3 unscheduled open heart operations including the fitting of a pacemaker. During the later stages of 2013 he began to fail once more.
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  • Penhale Family Feedback
    We are the Penhale family from Newton poppleford and our son Joshua was diagnosed with Accute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in June 1995. Josh unfortunately relapsed in the following year whilst on treatment and required a bone marrow transplant, which was successful.He has suffered many side affects due to chemo and radiotherapy, but has remained happy and contented with an admiral lust for life.
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  • Luke's 100 Mile Run
    On May 3rd THHN Founder Luke Tillen is running 100 miles by entering the Thames Path 100, a 100 mile trail race from London to Oxford following the Thames footpath. The plan is to raise near on one million pounds to build a special holiday bungalow and create a very special holiday destination where these families can enjoy some very special holidays and build precious memories that will help carry them through the very dark days that lay ahead.
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