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April 2017 newsletter

Once again we have a wealth of fundraising news for you. We are always amazed and touched by the generosity and energy of those who...Read more >

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March 2017 Newsletter

While we have some great news about fundraising and upcoming events for you this month, our newsletter is tinged with sadness too, with...Read more >

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February 2017 Newsletter

January came and went at 100mph, packed with amazing fundraising ideas and events, and much activity around planning some of the big THHN...Read more >

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January 2017 Newsletter

So another new year is upon us and THHN has lots of amazing plans for 2017. We hope you have too. But first we cast a look back to the...Read more >

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December 2016 Newsletter

This autumn THHN celebrated another milestone: providing its 600th family with a memory-making holiday. This just goes to show what...Read more >

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October 2016 Newsletter

Summer in Torbay is always full on but, wow, THHN has had a busy couple of months! From the large number of lovely families we’ve...Read more >


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