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Family Feedback

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Family Feedback

It's wonderful to receive feedback from families who stay with us. This family stayed in our beautiful new lodge at Devon Hills, it...Read more >

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Burgess Family Feedback

Thank you THHN for an incredible holiday. We had a whale of a time at Finlake with lots of fun in the indoor and outdoor pools and splash...Read more >

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Kippens Family Feedback

We never wrote in the book this time but I wanted to send you a massive thank you for our stay. We weren't sure if going away for...Read more >

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Walls Family Feedback

After an amazing and fantastic week, me and my family cannot thank the THHN enough for some amazing memories made. we arrived to a lovely...Read more >

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Smith Family Feedback

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing people at THHN who arranged our break in September and the fabulous...Read more >

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Manning Family Feedback

I wanted to write and thank everybody involved in our fabulous holiday. We stayed in the caravan at the beautiful Finlake Park and from...Read more >


Kippen Family Feedback

Sluman Family Feedback

Backhurst Family Feedback

Longdin Family Feedback

Burns Family Feedback

Spencer Family Feedback



May Rogers Family Feedback

Apr Mitchell Family Feedback

Apr Nash Family Feedback

Mar Penhale Family Feedback


Oct Murtagh Family Feedback

Sep Turner Family Feedback

Jul Sims Family Feedback

Jul White Family Feedback

May Ralph Family Feedback

May Duman-Dicks Family

May Roa Family Feedback

Apr Bayly Family Feedback


Oct Naomi’s Family Feedback II

Sep Tayler Family Feedback

Sep Flack Family Feedback

Sep Naomi’s Family Feedback

Sep Bate Family Feedback

Aug Holmes Family Feedback

Jul Milne Family Feedback

Jul Tarpey Family Feedback

Jul Sweet Family Feedback


Dec Rozeik Sutch Family

Nov Williams Family Feedback

Nov Pike Family Feedback

Oct Kian Jones Family Feedback

Oct The Bragg Family Take Torquay

Sep Nimmo Family Feedback

Aug Jones Family Re-visit

Jul Savage Family

Jul Sue & Warren

Jul Foskett Family

Jul Hales Family

Jul White Family

Jan Day Family – Nicks Story

Jan Simms Family

Jan Page Family

Jan Birchall Family


Dec Coaker Family Thank You

Dec Griffiths Family

Dec Pickerill Family

Dec Frost / Willson Family

Nov Gemma’s Story, Flowers family


Nov Brenda & Omar Simmons

Oct Daly Family

Oct Carson Family

Oct Lottie and Jessica Marshall

Sep Paul & Jo & Westley Bojko

Aug Johnstone Family Holiday In Torbay

Aug A Big thank you from the Jones’s

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